Monona Yoga Book Club

White Fragility
by Robin Diangelo
white fragility image.jpg

We are being called to take action. We can no longer be silent. We need to think about the ways we may have contributed to a system of racism in order to truly include black people in all spaces. But where do we start? As yogis, we outwardly practice 1 limb of yoga, Asana, but there are 8 limbs of yoga.


What about the other 7?

Right now, we need to focus on the 2nd limb, the Niyamas. The Niyamas direct us to inner observances, to work on our inner selves.


But where do we start?

Specifically the Niyama called Svadhyaya: ‘one’s own reading’ or ‘self study’. Practicing self reflection, observation and study of the self makes us more aware of the things we do that harm us, plus the things that serve us, bringing us in closer contact with our true self. Svadhyaya also encourages us to further educate ourselves.

1. Get the book

2. Click on the link below, and let us know you're in!

3. We will invite you to join our book club facebook group. From there we will schedule virtual meetings and hold safe space to have difficult conversations, share ideas, and create change from within!

A Note about the book availability:

I have contacted local bookstores and searched high and low, and this book is hard to find! However, after researching I still strongly feel this is where we need to start. (And this is just the beginning! I have plans for more...)

However, the book IS available for digital download. And, after chatting with just a few people, I've found many already have it on their shelves! If you are one of those people, and would like to loan your book out, please let me know. If you need assistance getting the digital book, please let me know. 


If you have already read this book, but would like to be a part of the conversation - please join us! 


Local Book Stores:

A Room of One's Own (near state street): +1 608-257-7888 @roomofonesownbooks

The Book Deal:  608-571-7575