Chris Livanos

Remembering the words that an ER doctor had advised him, “try yoga to resolve chronic back pain”, Chris finally gave yoga a try and discovered how true the good doctor's words were. Ever since this revelation, Chris has been hooked.


With a refreshingly light-hearted and knowledge-filled approach to yoga, Chris creates a safe, welcoming, non-competitive environment in his classes. A lifelong student of classical Indian philosophy, Chris brings to his classes a holistic approach inspired by the full breadth of the yoga tradition. In between energizing warm-ups and soothing cool-downs, Chris' vinyasa classes will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a comfortable, pressure-free environment. Chris draws from his depth of knowledge and well of compassion to create fun and integrative classes that will help you relax your mind and replenish your energy.

When he is not teaching yoga or working in the Center for South Asia at UW Madison, where he teaches subjects including Sanskrit Literature, Comparative Religion, and Bhakti poetry, Chris can often be found with his wife Michelle walking their four dogs around the streets of Madison or stand-up paddleboarding on Madison’s lakes.

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