Chris Livanos

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• 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2015, Dragonfly Hot Yoga
• Core, Pranayama and Power Center (18 hours), with Christen Scott, 2015
• Certified Teacher Assistant Training (27 hours) with Christen Scott, 2015
• Yin, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga (28 hours) with Deborah Williamson, 2016
• Psychodynamics of Yoga, Hotsource Yoga, Aptos, CA, (40 hours) with Nicole Duke 2020.

Why do you love teaching yoga?

What is most rewarding for me as a yoga teacher is to see students expand their own practice & develop a commitment to yoga that often stays with them throughout their life.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

I work to create a safe, welcoming, non-competitive environment in my classes. In between energizing warm-ups & soothing cool-downs, my vinyasa classes will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a comfortable, pressure-free environment. I strive to offer fun & integrative classes that will help you relax your mind & replenish your energy.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

Because of a long history of painful back problems, I finally listened to my doctor’s recommendation of yoga, & I discovered yoga’s many benefits. Each person gains something unique out of their practice. While the physical benefits of yoga are tremendous, the greatest benefit for many people is the peace of mind & stress relief that yoga brings.
I am grateful that MYC gives me the opportunity to teach Veterans’ Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga offers a great opportunity to be in the present, taking one’s mind off the past & future. This focus can be especially valuable for people making important transitions.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

The images of yoga practitioners we typically see in media are very limited in terms of race, class, gender, age, & body type. This is an unrealistic perception of yoga. In addition, because we all have different ability levels, my goal is to ensure that everyone gains what they need in my class. I offer variations of all poses so there will an option for all: the advanced practitioner, the beginner, the person with physical limitations. I take special care to make these accommodations so that yoga can be safe & fulfilling.

As a bilingual instructor, I feel it is important for yoga classes to be available for Spanish-speaking people. I teach Spanish-language yoga classes as well as bilingual yoga classes.

All are welcome in my classes.