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Training: 200 hr Kundalini Warrior - Yoga Farm Ithaca
Reiki 1 & 2

Why do you love teaching yoga? I love creating a space where people can be comfortable with where they are at. Sharing with people that no matter what, they CAN do yoga.

What can students expect to experience in your class? My class starts with "tuning in" followed by movement and breath practices to move energy in the body. We then move into longer restorative poses, using blankets to help support and relax the body. Towards the end of the class we do a meditation to close.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga? Yoga has allowed me to find peace and movement in the body I have now.

Personal Inclusivity Statement I believe that yoga can be accessible for everyone. A few years ago my body and abilities changed drastically with menopause and my yoga practice needed to change as well. I had to find the way that worked with my body, my shifting hormones and everything that came along with it. I want to create spaces where people whose bodies are changing can find moments of ease and quieting of the mind.

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