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Portia Adney



Breathe 4 Change Yoga Certification

Member of the National Yoga Alliance 

Connected Warriors Trauma Informed Yoga Certification

Why do you love teaching yoga?

I love leading others through the healing practices of breathing, concentrated body awareness and movements, and bringing a moment of peace to others.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

They can expect to learn to connect with their bodies, try new things, learn to have patience with their practice, and have a fun, supportive, stress free, and regenerating class.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

Connecting with your mind and body, and exploring your needs for continual selfcare - such learning your own needs each day, and understanding that each day brings new "needs" - and that's OK.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

I am personally a part of underrepresented and marginalized community as a mixed race person of color, and a child of military veterans. I understand what it is to feel outside of the social norms and to be regularly misunderstood and not fit into other people's "boxes" of how I should exist or identify. I am continuously serving in schools, my community, and in my work places to be a proactive voice, and a positive, and "safe space" representative of people who are under represented. I stand strong with my BIPOC, LBGQT, and supporting the welfare of children.

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