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Raashmi Sharma



RYT 200 Hilltop Yoga

Reiki 1, 2

Ayurvedic Health Counselor


Why do you love teaching yoga?

I love teaching yoga because I believe that yoga is process of transformation of body, mind and spirit and helps us to reach out goal of spiritual path and to our HIGHER SELF. For me, Yoga and Ayurveda both are sister science and complete each other to bring us the WELLNESS. Yoga helped me to know myself better and showed me its healing side in my life. Now, I want to share my experience and knowledge to our community by teaching yoga to everyone around me.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

Students can expect to learn how to bring balance mind and body, and follow the breath during the practice. My all classes start with introduction of Sanskrit word of day and its meaning in our life. Then move towards meditation and mantras. I add some form of pranayama to bring our mind to present state. Students start with sun salutation to warm up, then some slow flow poses, focus on each movement and its effects. I also use the same Sanskrit word (word of day) during the practice to enhance the understanding and to reach the goal of bringing the balance between the mind and body.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

"Forgiveness" and "let it go" attitude.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

I believe that yoga teach us to be kind to everyone as we all are divine. Yoga is not connected to any religion or culture, it is the path to listen our Higher Self and eliminate our ego, so yoga is for all of us. For me, yoga is not a set of stretching exercises, it is path of love ourself, getting to know ourself as a better human being and appreciate our self where we are right now. It is path of following yamas, niyamas in our life. During my yoga teacher training, I realized that yoga is incomplete without Ayurveda. The ayurveda is healing side of yoga and both go side by side to help in healing our body, mind and consciousness. I am a strong believer of Divine existence in every human being. With the knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga, I want to help others in their path of healing. I would say- YES to the power of both. These therapies help us to know our true selves by clearing blockages along the energy centers of our body and mind. As a human being, I welcome to all of you in my yoga classes and appreciate your love and passion to move on this path of healthy mind, body and spirit. Yoga helps us to clean all our 5 koshas and removes any negativity around us, brings purity to our aura. It connects our inner world to the outer world and let us see how beautiful and kind we all are. We all are connected with one light (divine) and yoga helps us see that light in all of us (humans, animals and nature) and helps us to reach higher towards our spiritual journey. That’s why Yoga is called spiritual side of Ayurveda (MOTHER of all healings). We all are ONE, so let us move together on this healing journey of yoga and ayurveda to reach our Higher Self. Namaste.

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