Family Yoga: 

 Prenatal, Postnatal and Baby & Me

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Celebrate your pregnancy and give your baby the gift of yoga — a relaxed mom!

Build strength and stamina while practicing concentration and breath control, both of which are invaluable tools during labor and birth. Yoga helps prepare the body for all of the changes it goes through during pregnancy and can be beneficial for every stage. It gives the ever-changing pregnant woman a tool for self-awareness and relaxation. Each class concludes with a guided meditation or birth story.

No yoga experience is necessary. Prenatal Yoga is taught by Kat, an experienced teacher and mother.

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Baby and Me


Join other caregivers and their babies for some fun with yoga! Designed to strengthen the bond between caregiver and baby, Baby & Me yoga provides socialization for adults and babies alike. Learn techniques to soothe baby, promote healthy digestion, improve sleep, and nurture physical and cognitive development. Spend time with other parents and find community through your shared experience. Baby & Me Yoga creates memories that last a lifetime!


A four-part series for mothers who have given birth and who are at least 4 months postpartum that will address and celebrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes that they have undergone as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. We will create a welcoming, lovingspace for mamas to share joys, concerns, challenges, questions, anxieties, and support.