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Child's Pose

Yoga is the combination of breathing, movement & meditation that is designed to strengthen one's Mind, Body & Soul.

Yoga dates back thousands of years & benefits all who come to practice.

There are many styles of yoga. However, our classes fit two models: Vinyasa & Restorative. ​

Vinyasa Yoga:  Flowing, dynamic & sequential - connecting movement with breath.

Restorative Yoga: Less movement sequential, connecting breath while going deep: resting, relaxing & rejuvenating.

Mala Yoga is also only one of two studios in the state to offer Ashtanga Yoga.

What is Yoga?

Your Experience at Mala Yoga

We are a community at Mala Yoga. 

Please review the studio guidelines to ensure we are all creating an experience of inclusion and consideration.

Reserve Your Place

We recommend reserving your class ahead of time by registering through our website.  Please call or cancel online to avoid pass deduction.

​Arrive Early 

Arriving 10-15 minutes early ensures that you are signed in at the front desk, have ample time to change, & settle in the studio.  Don't forget to turn off the light after using one of our changing rooms. Students will not be admitted to class 5 minutes past the start time. 


Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Please remove your shoes, an ancient custom from the East, before entering through the lobby.

Store Your Belongings in Cubes

Feel free to store your belongings in our storage cubes, including your phone. Don't forget to grab them after class!


Avoid Perfume/Scented Lotions

Scents can be distracting to fellow students & can detract from the experience. 


Inform the Instructor of Physical Issues/Preferences

Inform the teacher before class if you have any injuries, diseases, recent surgeries, low back or disc problems, inflammation of the head, stomach, or eyes, or are pregnant.


Practice Saucha

Be considerate of the sacredness of the space - pick up after yourself, fold blankets neatly with tassels facing in & replace all props in an organized fashion.

Keep Voices Low

When socializing in the common area, please keep your voices low as other classes may still be in progress.


Regular practice (2-3+ times a week) is best to receive the full benefits of yoga.

Be compassionate & Respectful

Celebrate individual uniqueness of fellow classmates & instructors. Mala Yoga is a judgement-free zone.


We look forward to your presence on the mat!

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