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Kat Casey



Yoga for the Special Child Advanced Level II with Certification in Hatha Yoga

Corepower Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Institute

Prana Vinyasa

Why do you love teaching yoga?

I love holding space for people to find the answers within to heal, empower, & strengthen themselves. I love seeing students banish their own preconceived limitations, spilling tears on the mat & finding the eternal peace that always resides within.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

Love, empathy, & inspiration.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

Yoga peels away all the layers life puts upon us. Through practice we re-connect to that inner light that we were born with, that never leaves us, & that is always there.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

As a yoga studio owner, I have been gifted a platform. I feel it is my duty & responsibility to use that platform to hold space for underrepresented communities including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Differently abled, & low SES in the yoga community. My mission is to create a space where all feel welcome to show up authentically for their practice. I deeply honor & am grateful for the gift of Yoga that India has given to the world, & I am committed to honoring the roots, traditions & source of Yoga.