Kiara Elise



Everyday Bliss Institute / 200 RYT 

Why do you love teaching yoga?

Yoga brings me back. Back to my body, back to my roots, back to that space where my soul dwells. Back on that path that leads to my higher self. I love teaching because I get to create that space for other humans. I get to meet them on the mat however they arrive, & encourage them to love exactly where they are. They arrived today, that is enough.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

I teach vinyasa & hatha style classes, & encourage moments of pause to fully engage & fully realize each pose in the body. I allow space to grow, space to breathe, space to bring yourself back to the moment. Expect silent meditations, lo-fi beats, & an invitation to challenge your perspective - on & off the mat.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

Balance - internally & externally.

Personal statement of Diversity/Inclusivity/Social Justice: What underrepresented community are you passionate about or a part of?

I am a cis, queer woman engaged to the most grounded, supportive woman I know. There are still so many places where we feel unable to hold hands, or unable to fully express our love. There are still places where queer people hide in shadows from our true selves. So, I use my voice, my priviledge, the color of my skin to speak out in those uncomfortable rooms. We hold hands & demand people see us as we are, two queer women loving each other. Additionally, I worked at an elementary school in the inner city of Milwaukee. I learned so much about my priviledge & my duty to create space for little people afflicted with so much hurt, so much trauma. I implemented meditation breaks, yoga breaks, & even taught them mudras. Those tiny people had big, beautiful souls that wanted to be nurtured & loved. A very big piece of my heart will always belong to those little people. I intend to always teach & nurture children, especially those who have seemingly no one to depend on. Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Black Children's Lives Matter.

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