Lauren van Ommeren



200-Hour RYT Hatha certified, in Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) via Inner Light Yoga Studios

Precision Nutrition Coach certified (Pn1)

CPR/AED certified, March 2020

Chair Yoga (1 CEU)

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga (4 CEUs)

Why do you love teaching yoga?

Yoga is medicine & my gift is communication. I believe in power of yoga with all my heart, so much that I would talk about it regardless of whether I decided to pursue it as a career. Yoga teaches us to embrace our natural gifts, & mine is expressing myself using language. I use words to guide people safely through class, while learning lessons about themselves along the way. I love to see people feeling safe & supported while they take a deep dive into their health. It is an honor to hold space for people while they learn about themselves, & fulfills my personal & professional dreams to be able to assist others in this way.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

Students should expect a fun & lighthearted atmosphere where you can build a strong relationship with your mind and body again, but should also expect a physical & mental challenge. We will focus on breathing techniques, how to move our bodies mindfully, & how to observe our thoughts. The outcome is often increased levels of energy, better sleep, improved physical fitness, & greater clarity of mind.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

The greatest benefit of yoga is to not only logically & rationally understand, but to feel deep within your soul that you are an important part of the universal ecosystem, & that we are all connected. To be able to experience this within ourselves is a true & profound gift.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

I stand with those who have had to hide their true nature to protect the safety of their lives. In particular, I stand up for women who have endured sexual & physical abuse, knowing that it takes immense courage to remain vulnerable in the face of such attacks. I am passionate about women finding their personal power & expressing themselves to the fullest extent, & am a friend to those who need support while they put the pieces of a broken past back together.

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