Marilyn Troyan



KRI certified yoga instructor / RYT 200.

Currently enrolled in Level 2 certified practitioner training.

Participation in various special events, such as White Tantric Yoga, & workshops (“Lunar Woman, Solar Man, & Relationships”) & classes (“Re-Birthing - Breath, Vitality & Strength”)

Why do you love teaching yoga?

Teaching kundalini yoga gives me a special connection with others that I don’t experience anywhere else as we learn & grow together - developing lives of awareness, inclusion & creativity.


What can students expect to experience in your class?

Students often report feeling calmer, refreshed, & energized, both during & after class. The technology of the practice works on the glands & the nervous system to develop mental clarity, flexibility of mind and body, & so much more.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

Yoga puts us in touch with ourselves in a way that helps us develop our confidence, our sense of joy, our feeling of connectedness with all of creation. The breath work, postures, meditations, & mantras of Kundalini Yoga have a unique way of tapping us into our inner resources that many people find welcoming & accessible.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

Currently recommending Valarie Kaur’s book See No Stranger. She identifies a sense of wonder as a key to understanding the oneness of all people. Of seeing someone different from ourselves as “a part of me I do not yet know.” I see this approach for the possibility of connection as a viable starting point whenever we feel threatened or unsure about someone we know little about.

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