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megan planey

Megan Planey



Kidding Around Yoga (for ages 2-17) 2016
Inner Fire 200 hour

Why do you love teaching yoga?

I love helping people discover their own strength. I am devoted to making yoga accessible for every body, everybody, plain & simple. Yoga can help & heal in so many ways, & I feel so passionate about helping spread that in our community & world! I love being able to help students learn & grow in my classes, but my true hope is that everything they learn on the mat travels with them off the mat as well, out in the world allowing them to feel strong, healthy, peaceful & calm.

What can students expect to experience in your class?

My students can expect a fun, non-judgmental class where they will be able to receive what it is that they need most. I love to have students move & breathe,  sweat & be challenged physically, but also I will be sure to offer modifications so everyone is able to participate regardless of ability or experience. I hope that each and every students leaves my classes feeling stronger, calmer, & more joyful than when they came.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga?

To me, the greatest benefit of yoga is the joy it brings. It helps my body feel good physically, helps me feel such gratitude for my own strength & mobility that allow me to do yoga, & helps me find my breath when I get lost in my head, overwhelmed or frustrated. In turn, when I remember to take that breath, I am a better mom, better wife, better daughter, sister & friend. Yoga helps me want to live my life in a more positive way.

Personal Inclusivity Statement

I spent the first 10 years of my elementary teaching career in Chicago Public Schools I taught in a school that was in the middle of a housing project that was 100% free & reduced lunch. There was so much stress & trauma my students had already dealt with, even at ages 7 & 8. My students faced so many difficulties & challenges on a daily basis. I wish that I had had yoga training at this point in my life so I could have shared yoga with these children. I cannot go back in time, but I now teach young children yoga, meditation & mindfulness. I want to work for all students, regardless of where they go to school, to be able to learn these things so they become empowered with the ability of mindfulness. I will also fight for social justice by being an activist. I will not be passive if I see or hear hateful or racist things. People need to feel safe first, if they are going to grow. Therefore my classes will be a safe space for all, welcoming to all- regardless of the color of ones skin, what gender one identifies with or who someone is in love with. As a white woman I recognize the privilege the color of my skin has given me & vow to use that privilege to fight for others until we can all be safe, seen, heard & respected.

I always tell kids in yoga the word Namaste means we believe there is a light that shines inside of every living person & thing. When we treat those living beings with kindness, even if they might be different than us, we help their light & our own light shine bright. I want to help the world shine a brighter light. Namaste.

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