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Restorative Classes


This gentle class is suitable for all levels & is a perfect compliment to more dynamic & vigorous yoga practices. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue, or fascia, around the joints to help release muscle tension.  It emphasizes stillness to prepare the body & mind for deep relaxation.

Low Intensity


Kundalini Yoga is an effective way to both strengthen & stretch the muscles. The increased flexibility gained will help prevent injury & avoid pain. In addition, because Kundalini Yoga incorporates the physical aspects of yoga, along with the mind & spirit, into an integrated system, you gain a working understanding of the mind/body connection. The meditations you learn will improve your concentration & focus which will improve your ability to function at your best. Finally, you will feel refreshed & attentive after each session indicating a stronger & more balanced immune & nervous system. Each class includes meditation, a series of exercises & deep relaxation.

Low Intensity


Indulge yourself with a restorative yoga practice. Centering yourself in breath & body - aligning the physical & mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. The use of props helps you to hold poses longer & connect deeper to your breath, mind & body.

Class includes guided meditation, taking your mind to a place of peace.

Low Intensity

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