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am·bi·ence: the character & atmosphere of a place

Wake up, get dressed to go nowhere at all, stare into the abyss of your computer for hours, put your comfy clothes back on, sleep, repeat.

How do we escape the pressure of everyday life when so many of us spend 90% of our time inside the same four walls? How do we truly settle in, find calm, & move forward?

Part of what makes going to a yoga studio so enticing, so inviting, is the perfectly curated calm atmosphere. The calm colors, the grounding smell of incense & oils, the lush music perfectly arranged to take you on a journey beyond your physical body. So, what do you do when you can’t come into the studio for your little slice of peace?

You create your own sacred space!

First, the business of determining what a sacred space is to you.

Is it just a little corner to meditate?

Is it where you keep your collection of crystals & books?

Is it where you lay down your mat & have your daily practice?

What words would you use to describe your ideal sacred space?

Next, determine what items you want to remove or bring into the space.

My yoga room is full of all of my favorite books - yoga related & not. I have my altar facing east to meditate in front of each morning as the sun rises. All of my crystals, totems, candles, & Wiccan ritual items are thoughtfully placed on my altar, or tucked away on a shelf for when I feel called to use them.

However, not everyone will resonate with what I have going on. For some of you everything I listed might seem like a lot. So, maybe you look at what you need to take away that will distract you from turning your gaze inward while you practice. Maybe you just need a sunny spot to place your mat & a little sage. Maybe you like a moonlit practice with candlelight dancing on the walls as you flow.

Find what items resonate with you. If you’re not sure, test out bringing items in & see how they make you feel. Do you get distracted? Did you go deeper into your meditation?

Finally, use your space! Allow your new found love for your perfectly crafted space to inspire ritual & routine into your life. Set new positive intentions in that space. Give yourself the time & full attention when you’re using your space.

This moment, this space, this practice is a gift from you to you! Invite gratitude & light into your heart!

See you virtually on the mat, sweet ones!


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