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Vinyasa Classes


Come practice the original Vinyasa! Learn the fundamental movements found in the ancient practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Emphasizing pranayama (breath), the practice includes Namaskars (Sun Salutations) & standing postures & is the preparation for building an authentic Ashtanga practice.

High Intensity


Enhance your strength, flexibility, balance, & concentration in dynamic sequences where breath guides movement.

Medium - High Intensity

Centered Flow

Heart-Centered Flow, also called Anahata Yoga, is a spirit-centered practice that focuses on breath & body awareness within yogic movement. Practice with intention, power, joy, & grace in a safe, supported, & sacred setting.

Low Intensity

Slow Flow

Take time to come into the body & breath while exploring a variety of postures at a steady, purposeful pace. The slower, more meditative pace of this class provides space to discover opportunities & challenges through the holding of poses & attention to transitions. Open to all levels of experience, this class is for every body.

Medium - High Intensity

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