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Don’t settle for any afterschool care - enrich your child with yoga, meditation & mindfulness!

Serving Monona Families since 2017

Apply openings for 2024/2025 School Year at the link above!

Enrollment may be full as we keep our program small to ensure adequate care and attention, and to build strong relationships with every child.

A typical day offers a balanced program that includes:


  • Activity & movement is essential for the wellbeing of the whole child. Through guided meditations, mindfulness, music, & play, children learn yoga. They will build the skills to take their yoga off the mat & into their lives with tools for grounding, self calming strategies, & empathy for others.


Snack Time: 

  • Kids enjoy a health snack daily. 



  • Time for children to complete homework independently or receive help with academics or IEP goals. Students without homework are offered independent reading time & academically enriching activities.

Play with purpose: 

  • Children enjoy time to cultivate friendships through play. This includes weekly art projects, puzzles, games, mindful storybooks, discussions, & activities as well as exploratory play. Kids get ample time outdoors to go on nature walks, play outside in various sensory & physical activities, exploring Woodland Park, as well as time spent creating our children's native plant, sensory & vegetable gardens! 

Themed Learning Units

  • We have created curriculum units to last the whole school year. Kids learn through a variety of mediums - movement, music, meditation, crafting, drawing, playing and more.

  • Themed units include meditation, mindfulness, chakras, nature, yoga songs, kindness toward ourselves (niyamas) and kindness towards others and our world (yamas) - just to name a few!


Who - What - When

Who: All Children, K - 5th Grade

When: After school - 6PM, Mala Kids Yoga follows the Monona Grove Elementary School Calendar.

  • Students arrive via Nelson's School Bus with a friendly face ready to greet them.

  • We offer full day Teacher In-service care!  

What: Not your average after school care program! Directed by Kat Casey, owner of Monona Yoga Center, teacher with a Masters in Education & over 10 years of experience teaching K-12, Yoga Therapist with years of experience as a yoga teacher, this program focuses on mindfulness, building positive self esteem, while growing their little hearts to hold empathy for the world around them.

Kat Casey, MsEd, has spent years creating and developing the program to encompass the intellectual, social, emotional & physical development of each child. This program was born out of her own search  for an after school program for her children that addressed social-emotional needs, & provided a growth mindset environment.

Bus Transportation from Winnequah Elementary Available!​



2023-2024 School Year

$109/5 days a week* OR $89/3 days a week*


Sibling Discount:

2 Children $185/5 days a week OR $139/3 days a week

We keep our program small - space is limited to ensure adequate care and attention, and to build relationships with every child.

Applications are being accepted now!

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Meet Kat!

Kat uses her years of experience and her passion for both yoga and working with kids to create fun filled, yet meaningful experiences. Kat will share and explore various children's books that discuss mindfulness, meditation, building self esteem, managing emotions and more. They will also have snack time, and assistance with academics &/or IEP goals. Of course,  kids get to do lots of what the came for - silly, giggly, stretchy yoga!

Kat holds a Masters in Education with over a decade of experience teaching K-12, and 22 years of teaching yoga to children. She is also a yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist for children with special needs, Creating a kids yoga and mindfulness program has been in Kat's heart and mind for years, and she is over the moon that it is finally time for it all to come to be!


Kat has been teaching yoga and meditation in schools since 2003. While teaching in an in elementary school in Savannah, Georgia, she led the entire school in a daily guided pranayama (Breath specifically to increase mindfulness, critical thinking, improve school performance & overall wellbeing) and Guided Meditation. Everywhere she has taught, she has held after school yoga programs, and taught yoga and pranamana in the classroom. The profound effects of yoga with children and in schools is just beginning to be researched and published. Let your children experience what Kat has known to be true for years!

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