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Kitchen Intuition, by Jenny Ehrlinger

I feel so fortunate to be a member of Monona Yoga’s growing community! My yoga journey

began several years ago, but in recent years it has become an important part of my life.

As a certified health coach and personal chef, wellness is very important to me. Whether it be healthy

eating, meditating or exercise, I find myself always striving for balance. I believe that healthy

eating supports the body and mind in ways similar to yoga, through interconnectedness.

When in practice, yoga reminds me that I am connected to all living things. And just as yoga

connects our breathing to our movements, eating nourishing, whole foods connects our bellies

to our brains.

It’s no secret that good nutrition supports not only your physical health but also

plays a part in good mental health. So when we care for our bodies through the foods we

choose to eat, we create strength and balance that carries over into our practice. It’s like a

double whammy of wellness! So, continue to look to the mat for balance, but don’t forget to also

look at your plate.

In health,


You can find Jenny at Monona Yoga Center caring for yogi's children in our childwatch room, as well as on the mat!

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