Yoga Summer for Kids

Enrich your child with yoga, mindfulness & meditation!

Who: Kiddos K-5

When: After summer school - 6PM,  Winnequah school bus drops kids off at our location!

What: Not your average after school care program! Taught by a MSEd Special Education Teacher and Yoga Therapist with years of experience, this program focuses on mindfulness, building positive self esteem, while growing their little hearts to hold empathy for the world around them.

Typical day:  -lunch, yoga class, outdoor exploration & play, snack & mindfulness storybook & discussions,  

-weekly arts & craft projects, mindfulness activities & games!

Monona Yoga Center

Yahara Terrace Building

320 West Broadway

Monona, WI 53716


$199/5 Days a week

$279 for 2 children

For Kids K-5th Grade

Week of August 3-7, 2020

Zen Turtle Kid’s Yoga Camp (K-5)  9:30- 12 pm

Week of August 10-14, 2020

Zen Turtle Kid’s Yoga Camp (K-5)  9:30- 12 pm


Kids enjoy fun themed yoga classes, practice meditation (kid style!), explore nature, make fun art projects, and enjoy healthy snacks! Kids will learn balance and how to direct their energy so they feel their best physically and emotionally.  Kids develop mindfulness, building positive self-esteem while growing their little hearts to hold empathy for the world around them. 

  • Daily Yoga Classes teach kids to feel their best physically and emotionally.

  • Kids dance to silly songs, explore nature, and enjoy healthy snacks.

  • Social Emotional Curriculum helps kids navigate social pressures & teaches empathy.

Kids make take-home tools including:

-Mediation beads

-Calming Jars


Zen Turtle Kid's morning

Summer Yoga Camp 


$89/Entire Week

$149 for both August Camps

Sibling discount $130/1 week for 2 kids

$199 for 2 kids both August Camps

For Kids K-5th Grade

Monona Yoga Center

Yahara Terrace Building

320 West Broadway

Monona, WI 53716

About Kat Casey

Kat Casey

Zen Turtle Class

Yoga Therapy

Kat uses her years of experience and her passion for both yoga and working with kids to create fun filled, yet meaningful experiences. Kat will share and explore various children's books that discuss mindfulness, meditation, building self esteem, managing emotions and more. She will also take kids on mini adventures to explore the beautiful nature surrounding the Treysta building. Kids will go on Nature scavenger hunts, learn about local wildlife and habitats, and more! Finally, Kids get to do lots of what the came for - silly, giggly, stretchy yoga!

Kat holds a Masters in Education with 10 years of experience teaching K-12, a yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist for children with special needs, Creating a kids yoga and mindfulness program has been in Kat's heart and mind for years, and she is over the moon that it is finally time for it all to come to be!


Kat has been teaching yoga and meditation in schools since 2003. While teaching in an elementary school in Savannah, Georiga, she led the entire school in a daily guided pranayama (Breath specifically to increase mindfullness, critical thinking, improve school performance & overall wellbeing) and Guided Meditation. Everywhere she has taught, she has held after school yoga programs, and taught yoga and pranamana in the classroom. The profoud effects of yoga with children and in schools is just beginning to be researched and published. Let your children experience what Kat has known to be true for years!

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Zen Turtle kid's yoga at Winnequah Elementary!
Beautiful little yogis and yoginis at #Gigi'sPlayhouse

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