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Intro to Ashtanga

In this 4-week series, we will meet once a week to explore the Ashtanga Yoga asana method. Ashtanga is a traditional method of vinyasa that synchronizes movement & posture with the rhythm of the breath. It is a set sequence of poses intentionally organized to progress the student deeper into their body, mind, & inner self to achieve eventual total self transformation.


In this series, we will:

Learn the history & lineage of Ashtanga into the present day

Learn the opening & closing mantras

Learn how to use bandhas & pranayama to strengthen your practice

Practice the Ashtanga Yoga & Mysore (self practice) Method!


By the end of this series you will feel confident in any of our ashtanga classes, & be prepared to begin Mysore practice!

Registration includes 2 weeks of

Mysore during these dates!

Sundays 8:00am-9:00 am

2/26 - 3/19

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Teen Yoga

In this 4-week series, teens have an opportunity to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Yoga increases your sense of well-being as you develop stability, focus, self-esteem, body-awareness and mindfulness skills. Teens learn how to manifest positive outcomes in their daily life, & find inspiration within themselves.


Enjoy a safe space during times of stress and change how you tune into your inner strength in a supportive environment! We’ll take time to meditate & have yoga practice to build strength & stability - giving them tools to take off the mat to be more grounded, more centered, manage anxiety & be more blissful!


Prenatal Yoga

Calling all Expecting Mamas!


In today’s world, pregnancy can be isolating. You need to stay safe for the health of you & your baby! However, connecting to a community of women is so important.


Join our Prenatal group, lead by Kat! We start each class by sharing our current joys (& not so happy moments) of pregnancy, as well as our experiences in the ever changing health care system. We then settle into practice with pregnancy specific meditations & kriyas, followed with gentle yoga designed to support the needs of the pregnant body & your sweet, growing baby. Class concludes with deep guided meditation which teaches you to go into deep relaxation, the kind you will use when you give birth to your baby. This class is taught virtually, all in the safety & comfort of your home!



Yoga helps alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy: nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain, & sciatica. This class includes a mixture of balancing, strengthening & stretching poses that are appropriate during pregnancy, emphasizing breathing & relaxation.


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Intro to Yoga

Join Joan for a special introduction to yoga.

Expect to leave this three-hour workshop with a good base for a simple daily home practice and the confidence and knowledge to take any standard studio yoga class.


You'll learn:

-Proper form of common yoga poses

-Variations of a basic vinyasa or "flow", and how to make it work for your body

-Intro to different types of meditations

-Pranayama (breathwork) basics

-Overview of different types of yoga and what to expect in class

-How to use props to make poses more accessible, safe and comfortable

-How to get the most benefit out of your Savasana

-Tea time for questions and discussion!


This is a class designed for beginners and for those wanting to reinvigorate their practice after a pandemic hiatus. It will be a mix of lecture, demonstration and movement. All fitness levels are welcome. Bring a notebook and pen for notes.


Space is limited!


Early Bird save $5 by 3/5/23

Free for Members

Members can invite a guest for free!



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Sound Healing


Beth Kiser performs with crystal bowls, gongs, percussion & cello to guide you through a chakra balancing session . The pitches & tonality of the bowls & cello melodies help to create healthy, synchronous resonance within each chakra. The gong activates changes in the brain waves aiding in the transition from the beta brain wave state to a profoundly relaxing, theta state.

Participants share that the sound bath induces meaningful imagery, positive emotions & an overall sense of well being.

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat & pillow (if desired). Plan to arrive 10 minutes before the sound healing begins to settle in.


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