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Pregnant Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Calling all Expecting Mamas!

In today’s world, pregnancy can be isolating. You need to stay safe for the health of you & your baby! However, connecting to a community of women is so important.

Join our Prenatal group! We start each class by sharing our current joys (& not so happy moments) of pregnancy, as well as our experiences in the ever changing health care system.


We then settle into practice with pregnancy specific meditations & kriyas, followed with gentle yoga designed to support the needs of the pregnant body & your sweet, growing baby.


Class concludes with deep guided meditation which teaches you to go into deep relaxation, the kind you will use when you give birth to your baby.


This class is taught virtually, all in the safety & comfort of your home!


Yoga helps alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy: nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain, & sciatica. This class includes a mixture of balancing, strengthening & stretching poses that are appropriate during pregnancy, emphasizing breathing & relaxation. 

Classes are virtually held Thursdays at 4:30 pm!


Ashtanga Workshop with Angelique

Saturday, March 6th
Led Primary Series
7:00 - 8:45 am ~$22 drop in
Afternoon Workshop: Foundation
1:00 pm ~ $40
Exploring the balance between stability & extension. Prana is life force energy that is directly linked to, even synonymous with, the breath. As we create positions with our bodies in asana practice we establish pathways along which prana is directed. Apana is often experienced as the balance to prana. Prana is extending energy from the heart & chest through the throat & relates to inspiration & inhalation. Apana resides in the pelvis downward & relates to grounding energy & the exhale. To find full expression of pranic energy we must first establish our foundation, our apanic anchor & allow the asana to grow upwards from that abase. Without the anchor, there is no stability to move away from & so no extension.
Learn how to approach your practice from the ground up & discover more security & freedom on your mat.
Sunday, March 7th
Morning Practice
10:00 am - 11:45 ~ $22 drop in
Bring your asana questions!
We will begin with practice & work our way through the series by group exploration of challenging postures.
Afternoon Workshop: Pranayama & Philosophy
1:00 pm ~ $40
Pranayama: Breath is directly linked to life force energy. Yoga often uses the word prana which refers both to the breath & to the vital energies of our body. As we move breath through the body, we also move Prana. The steadiness, fullness & depth of our breath reflects the same characteristics of that vital flow of energy. The practice of pranayama, the fourth limb of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, is the practice of intentionally directing the movement of the breath. It requires practice to become aware of our breath & to direct it intentionally. As we focus our attention on the movement of our inhales & exhales, our awareness is drawn inward to experience ourselves on a deeper, less distracted level.
Philosophy: What is Ashtanga Yoga really about?

  • Getting bored with the practice?

  • Deepening your work - don’t just hang out in a pose.

  • Relearning the Primary Series.

  • Transferring lessons from the mat to the world beyond.

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Yoga Stops Traffick

Yoga Stops Traffick is a one day, worldwide community yoga event run by volunteers to raise awareness about human trafficking, & much needed money to support its victims.

This year, we’ll be breaking up our 108 Sun Salutations, so you can honor your body & your practice. We’ll rest at 27, 54, 81, & go all the way to 108! You can finish your practice & take your savasana at any time.

Can’t make it? Stop at the front desk to drop off a cash or check donation, or you can purchase a donation gift card on our website!

108 Sun Salutations

Sunday, March 14th, 9 am

$25 Suggested Donation

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