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Amy K.


Training: RYT 200 Perennial Wisdom School

Why do you love teaching yoga?  I love the opportunity to connect with and join my students on a learning journey. Yoga is about union and interconnectedness and classes are an opportunity to be in community with others and as a leader, it is the opportunity to set the tone, to influence others to find that unity, to practice yoga in everyday life.

What can students expect to experience in your class? A welcoming environment for all backgrounds to practice creative movement and attention to breath while being mindful of the intentional arc of a vinyasa class.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga? It is an exercise of heart, mind and spirit.

Personal Inclusivity Statement Diversity and inclusion have been central tenets of my life since I first started engaging with the world around me. As a child, I first started reaching out to pen pals around the world to learn more about other perspectives and ways of life. As an adult, I believe that our local and global diversity are a gift to be honored, respected and lifted and that as yogis and as threads in the tapestry of our community, it is our personal responsibility to actively engage in social justice.

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