Meet the Members

Mother's Day Special Edition

Janet Homburg
Yogi of the Month

1. What drew you to the mat?

Hayley encouraged me to get a yoga mat a join

2. How does it feel to be a part of the Monona Yoga community?

Our Monona Yoga community is very near and dear to my heart!

3. Outside of the yoga studio, what do you like to do?

Tennis, gardening and, of course, joining Hayley and Lily on walks with Harley!


4. What are your favorite yoga poses, your least favorite?

Everyone knows pigeon is my favorite I don’t dislike any posses some I just watch.


Hayley Homburg
Teacher of the Month

1. How long have you been practicing? What brought you to the mat?

9 years! I tried yoga in college, though my devotion to practice yoga on and off the mat began when I was ready to step into a Spiritual practice. The physical practice felt familiar as I was strong and flexible from being an athlete all my life, but then my awareness shifted to embody this yoga out in my life, and my whole world began to change.


2. What is yoga/what does yoga mean to you?

The smile on my face and flutter in my heart in answering this question only begins to share my answer of what yoga means to me. But I just cannot share in this short paragraph what yoga is! That would take too long :)


3. What impact has yoga had on your life? How have you changed, evolved, &/or transformed?

My journey with yoga has given me an empowering foundation to make major life changes, access courage, and align my body and mind as a vehicle for my divine purpose in this life. Living a Yogic path has been a rollercoaster ride and a path of living authentically. I've journeyed through career changes, relationships, mental health highs and lows, being a new mom, all with the steadfast guidance of living yoga. I once led my life by *fears and doubt and now have learned to ride these waves with grace and an inner knowing that my *ego can take a back seat, and allow my Inner Guidance to lead the way.


4. How has yoga helped you be a better mom?

Becoming a mom has been a beautiful blessing, that has also come with a ride of REAL emotional waves of joy and fear! This new chapter would be a whirlwind without a devoted practice of self-inquiry and mental focus. I appreciate all the minutes, even if it's 5 minutes! on my mat! Birthing a human being is body and life changing and yoga has helped me adjust in both of those arenas.


5. What is your favorite yoga class to take with your mom/daughter?

ALL OF THEM <3 my mom has been an incredible support of my yoga teachings and has been a student since I became a teacher! It's been so beautiful to connect with her in this way and blossom together as lifelong students of life. Love you mom!

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