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Anna Rose


Training: Vinyasa - 200 RYT

Why do you love teaching yoga? I love being able to provide to others what has been given to me. When I’m on my mat, it’s the one place I know I can just BE. Being a yoga teacher means I get to hold that space for others, so they can surrender to not only their mat but themselves.

What can students expect to experience in your class? I like to take things slow, calming the mind as you find your breath in the present moment, guiding you through a journey of your own body, bringing attention to sensations you might be feeling, lingering a little longer where it’s feeling extra juicy, and tuning into what your body is asking from you.

What is the greatest benefit of yoga? For me personally, the greatest benefit has been the community. I remember sitting at a table eating lunch the first day of yoga school and thinking, I found my people. I want anyone to be able to walk into my class and have that same feeling of belonging.

Personal Inclusivity Statement To me, yoga is so much more than a physical work out. It’s what keeps me grounded and simply happy. As someone who struggles with mental health, I know how hard it can be to get yourself to that first class and probably even the second class. I hope to provide a safe space where others feel welcome to be authentically themselves. So take a deep breath with me, rest your soul, feel into your body and just BE!ALL are welcome! I am passionate about breaking down the barriers between individuals and their access to personal health and well-being. With the use of acceptance, adjustments, individualization and props, we can accommodate all shapes, sizes, pronouns and preferences! YOGA is for YOU!!

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