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"There's something about this place. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was home."
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Terms and Conditions:


  • A $100 non refundable deposit holds your place in the training and is due when applying.

  • Returned checks subject to a $25 return fee.

  • Consultations with Faculty to make up deficient hours will be charged at a rate of $108 hr.


Cancellations and Refunds:


Student will receive a full refund of all money paid if the student cancels within a three-business-day cancellation period.


A student who withdrawals or is dismissed after attending one class, but before

completing 60% of the instruction is entitled to a prorated refund as follows:


As part of this policy, the school may retain a one-time application fee of no more than $100.


Student will receive the refund within 40 days of the termination date. If a

student withdraws after completing 60% of the instruction, and the withdrawal is due to mitigating circumstances beyond the student’s control, the school will refund a prorated amount.

A written notice of withdrawal is not required. All or a portion of the refund will be used to pay grants, loans, scholarships or other financial aid in conformity with federal and state law. The school will make a “good faith” effort to make a refund, if necessary, by sending certified mail to student’s and parent’s permanent address.

After completion of at least Prior to completion of Refund will be:



1 unit/class 10% of program 90%

10% 20% of program 80%

20% 30% of program 70%

30% 40% of program 60%

40% 50% of program 50%

50% 60% of program 40%



Admissions Requirements

Applicants should be 18 years of age.

Applicants should have a high school diploma or GED.

Applicants are expected to have a regular yoga practice.

Applicants shall submit completed application questions with $100 non refundable application fee.

Application questions are due December 1, 2017. Students are encouraged to submit applications early, as spaces are limited.

Applicants musts read and sign the Agreement & Liability Release Forms.

Applicants should be computer literate and have access to email.

Applicants shall complete an admissions interview.

Accepted applicants will be notified via email or phone of acceptance.