Ready to start your Yoga Journey?

Seek community with healthy and mindful friends!

Acquire a healthier lifestyle!

Feel less tired and more relaxed!


Lose weight and gain core strength!

Strengthen your Mind, Body & Soul!

Seek great value for your fitness dollar!


What can practicing Yoga do for me?

Do you feel stuck and unmotivated or overwhelmed and anxious from different challenges in life? There are always parts of us that we wish could be different.


The great news is that you already have exactly what you need to make the changes you desire in your life!


Through discovering yoga and choosing a practice that best suits you, you can start making these changes and feeling the benefits of yoga immediately


Some reasons as to why individuals seek to develop a yoga practice are not limited to: 

  • Improving Overall Health

  • Keeping youthful in every stage of life

  • Banishing Stress and Tension

  • Dealing with chronic pain

  • Strengthening the Mind, Body & Soul

  • Seeking to find local, mindful community

  • Discovering methods for self healing and

  • Learning ways for calming & nurturing one's mind

  • Breathing for Life and Vitality

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is the combination of breathing, movement and meditation that is designed to strengthen one's Mind, Body and Soul. 

Yoga dates back thousands of years and benefits all who come to practice.

There are many styles of yoga. However,  our classes fit two models: Vinyasa and Restorative. 


Styles of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga: Flowing, dynamic and sequential - connecting movement with breath.

Restorative Yoga: Less movement sequential, connecting breath while going deep: resting, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Find Community at MYC

In addition to our diverse and exceptional yoga classes Monona Yoga Center has many offerings that encourage local community and new friendships to develop.

Find information on various events and workshops on everything from making essential oils to making a personal a specialized mala for yourself. Meet others that will share and spark your creative mind. Join us for Book Clubs, Potlucks and much more. 

Monona Yoga Center Owner Kat Casey

Ayurvedic counselor

Monona Yoga Center is the culmination of years of practice, teaching, dreaming and inspiration. Kat Casey has been a teacher and student of yoga for over 17 years. She works extensively with exceptional children both as an educator and yoga therapist.  


Kat first began her yoga practice for personal healing. Then, in 2003 she became a certified yoga therapist for children with special needs. Since then she has received advanced training in teaching adults and children's yoga.

In 2006, she became a certified teacher of adult yoga. In 2011, Kat travelled to Mysore, India to study under Saraswathi at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute.


Kat’s personal approach to yoga is a combination of healing, strengthening, and empowering through practice.

What to expect at your first yoga class at Monona Yoga Center