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Top 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga in Summertime

Think summer is the time to take a break from your yoga practice to pursue more summertime activities? Think again! Stepping up your practice during the summer months can actually reap amazing rewards. Here are the top reasons you should not only keep practicing, but even increase your yoga practice in summer time.

1. Lifestyle (diet, physical activity)

When you regularly practice, all kinds of amazing things happen. Practicing yoga inspires you to eat a healthier diet, & drink more water. As a result of both the practice and the healthier lifestyle it inspires - you look better, inside and out!

2. Acclimate

Practicing yoga can help you to acclimate to the summer heat by activating your own "self-cooling", or sweating during practice to cool the body. You also help to build your tolerance for heat by warming the body internally and externally through the practice of yoga. You also increase your heat tolerance tools by using deep breathing and focus when you practice.

3. Prevent Injuries

Summer is full of adventure -swimming, hiking, sailing, biking, jogging, golf, running, you name it. Maintaining your Yoga practice will enhance your flexibility, strength, and athletic ability. With increased flexibility, strength, and being in tune to your body through yogic awareness will reduce your chances of injuries, and ensure a full summer of great adventure.

4. Peace of Mind

When you give yourself the gift of yoga, especially a consistent practice, you spend time focusing on what makes you feel good, healthy and well. As you already know from experience, yoga gives you peace of mind, and an overall sense of wellbeing and connectedness to yourself, to the earth, and to those around you. Stay with your practice and continue to experience that peace of mind all summer. Plus, you’ll look great and feel more confident all summer long!

5. Community

Monona Yoga is a community. It is a shared space that everyone truly is part of. Come, practice, see smiling faces, and spend time with everyone at Monona Yoga!

For all those reasons, and so many more, I'll see you on the mat!

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